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Up coming events!

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Hey team,
It’s that time of year again!! Training towards an event is a great way to have short/medium term goals and keeps us motived, the events themselves are always a lot of fun and good learning experiences. You can be sure you’ll have a different perspective towards your training afterwards. Here is a list of events happening over the next few months, some CrossFit comps and other fun ways to express your fitness:
June 2nd  >> Friday Night Lights – Marlin Coast CrossFit in house comp.
June 17/18th >> Torture in the Tropics – Local CrossFit comp held at show grounds. Team event, scaled and RX devisions. rego closes soon!
June 23/24th >> Spartan Race Townsville 7km, 20 obstacles, trail race through native bushland
August 12/13th >> Allstar affiliate series CrossFit comp Townsville (RX and SX, teams of 6, 3 male-3 female)
August 19th  >> Great pyramid race – A walk/jog/hike up the pyramid in Gordonvale.
If you’re interested in participating in any of these events chat to Ashton, find some friends that might want to jump in and do them with you, its always more fun together! I will be looking to rope some people in to hiking the pyramid (just a walk) at some point before the race.
Details for friday night lights will be posted at the box. Registration for Torture in the tropics closes on May 28th, if you’re interested find some friends and register yourself. If you need some friends talk to me and I will try to pair you up.
See you at the box.

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