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Here at Marlin Coast CrossFit, you’ll unleash the power of your inner athlete, fueled by expert instruction as well as physical, nutritional and mental support. Our caring coaches and super-friendly community is full of all the enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation you’ll need. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced CrossFitter, our team will always be right beside you, helping you reach for your personal best every single day!
  • Ashton Purkiss

    Owner/Head Coach Ashton Purkiss has been CrossFitting for seven years and specializes in finding the most important thing that a person needs to move them forward, whether their goal is for health and fitness or to be a competitor. “Our biggest weakness is our greatest opportunity for improvement,” he says. “I love exposing that weakness and creating a plan to turn it into a strength. This could be corrective work, or skill development.”

    Ashton believes that true freedom is about being able to express yourself. “I am driven by being able to share the freedom that comes with living in a fit body,” he says. “That expression might be hiking a mountain, going surfing, being able to play with your kids, or compete in a CrossFit competition. I considerate it a privilege to be able to help others fight for their greatness.” He loves watching the growth mindset that happens when people break through previous limitations, and seeing how that mindset carries over to other aspects of life—their confidence, their attitude, and how they approach a challenge.

    His love for fitness began as a teenager in Canada, where Ashton was lucky enough to have a strength and conditioning coach five hours a week for three years. “He taught me the principles of effective training. Upon returning to Australia, I finished high school, did my cert 3 & 4 in fitness and began working as a personal trainer.” While working as a personal trainer and training himself for muay thai kickboxing, Ashton was introduced to CrossFit and was immediately hooked. “I did my L-1 certification and knew one day I would open a box. In 2012, I did a year-long trip to Canada and the U.S., with the purpose of visiting CrossFit boxes and learning from the top coaches in the industry.”

    In his spare time, Ashton plays the drums and is in a dirt-bike gang called “The Indicators.” He also enjoys snowboarding and surfing when he gets the opportunity.


    • CrossFit L1
    • CrossFit L2
    • CrossFit Gymnastic Certified
    • CrossFit Weightlifting Certified
    • CrossFit Football
    • Cert 3 Fitness
    • Cert 4 Fitness
    • Certified Advanced Kickboxing Instructor
  • Jojo Barnes


    Jojo has been training and doing CrossFit for the last 12 years. She loves helping people find fun in commitment to mastery of the basics. 🙌🏽 She loves to motivate people and have big laughs. She sleeps well at night knowing she contributes everyday to the wellbeing (and ultimately the Happiness) of the MCCF community.

    When asked what she wants people to know about her Jojo said the following:

    “There’s not a lot about me that my members don’t already know. I’m an open book. I have a big heart and I find room in it for all of my gym fam. I love seeing every one of them succeed. I’ve met some of the best friends And most amazing people of my life since I joined the wider CrossFit Community. I hands down would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for the strength I have found through CrossFit. Getting to share that with peeps every day Has a value greater than I could ever put into words”.



    • CrossFit Level 1
    • CrossFit Level 2
    • CrossFit Gymnatsics
    • CrossFit Weightlifting
    • Diploma of Fitness
    • Diploma of Nutrition
    • RKC Kettlebell Certification
  • Lilli Anderson


    Bio coming soon!


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