MCCF Remote Coaching


You don’t need information. You need direction. 

You don’t need motivation, you need accountability. 

You don’t need the latest fad, you need guidance from a professional with years of experience. 

Having someone in your corner who knows you, to say ‘just do this’. No second guessing, no procrastination, no changing plans every week. 

We help people who are unable to get to a CrossFit gym, take control of your body and mind by building strength, fitness and confidence in your body. 

Harriet training remotely

Remote Coaching

How does it work?

  • We start with an assessment week to gauge your current ability and create a plan that meets you where you’re at
  • Phone call to get to know you more
  • Your coach will create your training program
  • Mark off each day as you complete and fill in your results so your coach can see your training
  • Submit video of your training if you need for a form check
  • End of week message check in with your coach

Simply fill out the form and someone from our team will contact you shortly to discuss the best time for you to come in. We are also happy to help answer any questions you might have about training at Marlin Coast CrossFit. We look forward to meeting you!


What equipment do I need? 


A light/moderate and moderate/heavy pair of dumbbells (relative to your strength) Generally - Females 7-8kg’s & 12.5kgs. Males 10kg’s & 17.5kg’s 

Gymnastics Rings 

Box or bench 

Bands (easy resistance, slightly hard resistance) 

These can be purchased from Kmart (well priced) or also online  have good quality gear and are well priced. 

Having equipment will be essentials for us to be able to properly program for you. Doing bodyweight only exercises will not cut it! 


Dumbbells a moderate to light pair, and a moderate to heavy pair (relative to your own strength) Generally - Females 7-8kg’s & 12.5kgs. Males 10kg’s & 17.5kg’s 

Gymnastics Rings

Bands (light and moderate) 

Bench or box

Jump rope 



 - Females 8-12-16kg

 - Males 16-20-24kg 

Machine (bike / Rower)

Barbell + plates 

How much does it cost? 

  • Our personal coaching service is $53.9/ week. Charged month in advance ($233.5/ month)  

Can I get help with nutrition? 

ABSOLUTELY! Reaching our peak strength and fitness has more to do with just training. Our coaches love providing guidance with nutrition and progressively building sustainable habits that make a huge difference. 

We believe in building sustainable habits that create permanent change, and lasting results. NO B.S, no  

Is there a minimum sign up process?

  • We have a minimum 12 week commitment to work with a coach. 

Is there a contract? 

  • There are no contracts, your payment is month to month. 

Can I pause my coaching if I’m away? 

  • We are able to accommodate training while you’re travelling, however if you need to stop training temporarily we do minimum 1 month holds. 

If I need to cancel how do I go about that? 

Email: for all things related to your account. And please let your coach know.

- Team Marlin Coast CrossFit

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