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Open wrap up & our new year of training.

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Another year another open done. Whether you are doing CrossFit competitively or for health and fitness, testing is important because it allows us to measure our progress. I absolutely love the open (incase anyone was unaware 😉 because it’s when we test ourselves that we get to see what we’re capable of. We got to see people smash PR’s in style, and push through previous mental and physical limitations.
What’s more important than the testing period itself is what did you learn from it? (this does not just apply to people who were registered, if you completed the workouts you can learn from them). What were your expectations? did you want to complete the open for the first time and have fun? complete all of the workouts RX? finish top 300? qualify for Regionals? Was your preparation inline with your expectations? Reflecting on our experience is the key to understanding how to set our intentions correctly for the future.
Moving forwards – This is a really exciting time because we are at the begging of our training year. As we move into the next phase of training it’s important that we all understand the purpose of the program and how it applies to us so that we approach it with the right mindset. Right now our focus is on building the base of the pyramid so it may reach higher without falling over. Our base in for CrossFit means building our raw strength, our skill set, and our ability to breathe (aerobic conditioning).
How should you approach your training based on this information?
#1 – perfect your movement (the better you move, the more efficient you will be, the stronger you will get)
#2 – fix any imbalances ( if you have any left/right imbalance, general weakness or limitation – spend the time addressing it, this will take your strength to another level and keep your joints healthy)
#3 – Develop your skill set – what movement don’t you want to see come up in a workout? I guarantee it’s because you’re not good at it, focus your attention there, you’ll be amazed at how that will carry over to other aspects of your training.
Thursday open gym is the time for you to come in and do the things that are specific to you as an athlete. If you’re unsure about what to work on, ask a coach we can point you in the right direction. Open gym is  Thursday only from 7-10am and 5:30pm-6:30pm.
Lastly, we are starting our Barbell club this Monday the 17th, for anyone who wants to focus almost exclusively on building strength and skill on a barbell. If your goal is to be a competitive athlete this might be a good option for you. The program is being lead by our Oly lifting coach Laurent, it will run 5 days (Mon – Fri) along side the CrossFit classes at 5:15pm. Barbell club is it’s own program, meaning if you’re doing barbell club you won’t be doing CrossFit classes. The reason is because the program is very structured and part of that is recovery. There will be elements of gymnastics strength in the program. This program runs in 4 week cycles, if you would like to participate in Barbell club we ask that you can commit to minimum 4 days per week. If you would like to do barbell club please email me with the subject line BARBELL CLUB. If you are interested but unsure if it is the right thing for you, text or phone me and we can have a chat. If you decide this is something you are interested in a month or two from now you are welcome to jump over and try it out.
That’s all for now. I will try not to spam everyone but there is going to be a bunch of blog posts and emails coming your way to let you know all of the awesome things in the pipeline at the box.
Happy Thursday 😉

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