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Looking to 2018!

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Time flies when you’re having fun and 2017 has been a blast! It’s seen many new faces join our MCCF family, crush mental and physical limitations, and gain a new level of confidence that carries beyond the walls of the box. It’s actually astounding when I think about how far many people have progressed inside 12 short months. The box itself has had a very busy and productive year with the completion of moving into our new location, the addition of the Barbell club, competitors training, our creche,
 new coaches coming on board, the birth of Mojo’s espresso (best coffee in Cairns), phyxme physio coming on board, and hosting our first big comp (MCCF Beach Bash).
Looking forward to 2018. It’s the time of year that we project our intensions for the coming months. Here are some things that might help guide your focus:
  • Choose just 1 thing, start small and build momentum (its important to choose a goal that challenges you enough to grow, but is actually achievable)
  • Low hanging fruit (what will have the largest impact for the least effort?) – for most people this would be just consistently training between 3-5 days per week or addressing something in their nutrition.
  • Focus on the process (the actions you are in control of, and stop obsessing over the outcome)
  • Learn how to balance hustle and patience – hustle (daily process), patience (the outcome)
The fun in the process is getting to express your fitness with the people you have sweat and earned it with. I like to think of training as practice and events as game day. Events can be an opportunity to push and test yourself, and see where you stand if you’re a competitive person. Comps help us learn about ourself, how we deal under pressure and what we need to work on. If you don’t consider yourself a competitive person, events are more about the fun of doing something as a team and enjoying the physical freedom you have earned.
Here is a list of events that are happening in 2018. I will be putting a list of events up at the box so everyone can stay up to date. If you would like to compete in any of the events, chat to a coach and we can talk about anything you want to focus on/ find you some team mates.
**There will be more Friday Night Lights added to the calendar through the year.
What: Friday Night Lights CrossFit comp (MCCF in house comp / BBQ social)
Where: Marlin Coast CrossFit
When: Fri Jan 19th
More Details: Will be posted up on notice board at the box
What: Red Dirt – CrossFit comp (team of 4: 2 males, 2 females)
Where: CrossFit HBZ Mareeba
When:  Feb 10th, 11th
More details:
What: The CossFit Open (The largest annual CrossFit comp, held at every Affiliate – Rx, Scaled, Masters – all levels can participate. *I will be posting a more in depth explanation of the CrossFit open for those that are not familiar).
Where: Marlin Coast CrossFit
When: Feb 22nd – March 26th
More Details:
What: Spartan Race – obstacle trail run 7km, 21km, or 42km
Where: Brisbane  –  **Last year there was a race in Townsville, I will keep my eyes peeled to see if one pops up.
When: Sat April 28th
More details:
What: Torture in the Tropics – CrossFit comp (teams of 4: 2 males, 2 females – RX, Scaled, Masters 40+)
Where: Fredmole Pavilion (Cairns Show Grounds)
When:  Mid June (exact dates TBA)
More details:
What: Allstar Affiliate Series CrossFit comp (teams of 6: 3 males, 3 females – Rx, Scaled, Masters)
Where: Townsville
When: exact dates TBA
More Details:
What: The Great Pyramid Race (Trail Run race)
Where: Gordonvale
More details:
What: MCCF Beach Bash (Our CrossFit comp)
Where: Marlin Coast CrossFit
More Details: TBA
What: Torture in the Tropics Twins – CrossFit Comp (Pairs comp – MM or FF)
Where: CrossFit Dungeon
When: Exact dates TBA
More Details:
What: Port Douglas Triathlon/ Marathon
Where: Port Douglas
When: Dates TBA