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Being great is being good every day.

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As you may have noticed we have a new goals board at the box. Writing down your goal is a great way to become crystal clear about what you’re trying to achieve, and having it where your peers can see it will keep you accountable (it also feels awesome when you get to cross it off after you achieve your monthly goal).
Before we all attack the doors with chalk board pen I want to share a perspective on goal setting. That is, what can we actually control and where should our attention be focussed?
For example a common goal is weight loss, someone might say ‘I want to lose 15kg’. That is a fair goal and might be appropriate however the reality is this person cannot actually control whether 15kg of weight gets metabolised off their body. They can however control the process that would influence that to happen. If our goal is to smash the process the result will take care of itself, often we can achieve more than we thought possible, why 15kg’s? If you become great at the process why not a 6 pack? Let’s put our attention in the right place and just see where we end up.
The other reason for focusing on the processes is to put the journey in perspective. Sometimes looking at a result so far off in the distance can actually seem disheartening and people don’t truly believe they can achieve it. Having an daily focus that is simply our choice to do or not do is far more digestible. After all we only ever have today!
A few simple steps:
1 – what do you want to achieve? the outcome can be general or be specific, but our goal is to focus our attention on the things we can control.
2 – What is the process? what will it take to achieve your goal on a day to day basis? Be very specific
What are you willing to give up in order to make this goal happen? That means making it a priority when life doesn’t make it easy. If you have to travel in the middle of the month you commit to your goal by finding a gym in the hotel and make do, or doing a workout in a park.
We are what we repeatedly do!
Setting a goal that we can work on every single day is how we build momentum. Once we have momentum and progress towards our goal we have something to lose and are far less likely to break that habit even beyond our original time commitment. If you do fall off the horse, just get back on and build that momentum up again!
Lastly, form a coaches perspective I believe the most success is achieved by going for the ‘low hanging fruit’ (the 20% that will yield 80% result). For most people this means being consistent in their training, why not make it your goal to show up 5-6 days per week? And do something active the other days.
For this reason we are start a ‘committed club’ to acknowledge those athletes that show 5-6 days per week. The committed club will be monthly based on attendance, if you train 20+ times in the month your name will go up on the board. This will have to be earned each month!
If anybody would like help or direction in setting a goal please chat to myself or one of the coaches. Ask Trav for a chalk board pen and get those goals up!!

P.S – you will need to sign on for the committed club, the sign in link can be found at the bottom of the home page or on the schedule page, if you want to save the sign in link here it is: