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What’s new at the box!

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That’s a wrap up for another training year. From a coaches perspective it has felt like a really long year. This has been the result of how many new faces we have seen and how long it feels like they have been with us (it feels like years). 

For the newer athletes that got to experience their first open it’s been a great push to break through some limitations, test fitness, and learn about CrossFit culture. 

For the seasoned athletes I enjoyed watching their experience, quality of movement, and mindset towards the each workout. 

Friday Night was an electric vibe at the box and we will definitely be doing more Friday Nights for the open next year!

Our open winners for this season put in an absolutely beasty effort: 

Male – Joshua Eldred

Female – Liv Walford 

Big congrats to our Athletes of the year

Male – Chris James

Female – Jessica Anderson 

So now what? Our training focus moving forwards. 

As the saying goes the ‘higher the pyramid the bigger the base’. This is the time of year that we start rebuilding that base (super exciting!)

We are going back to the basics of building raw strength with our big lifts (Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Press) this strength carries over to all our other movements and strength is never a weakness (pun intended). 

We will be working on strict gymnastics strength, this is important for joint health. It makes us stable and is a requisite for the dynamic movements that we need to compete in CrossFit (if that’s something you’re interested in). 

This training will be complimented by maintaining our conditioning and doing lots of core work. 

We will begin with a testing week to get an idea of where we currently are with these lifts, this will give us the information we need going forward. Our testing will start Wednesday March 28th. 

What’s new and exciting this year? 

Our strength program will be running at 6am and 5:15pm Mon, Wed, Fri. This class is open to anybody that wants to spend more time on a barbell to develop their weightlifting strength & also strict gymnastics strength. This program runs along side the CrossFit class. If you do this class you are welcome to join CrossFit on Tuesday and Saturday for some conditioning. Lead by Laurent.    

Technique class for olympic weightlifting – Thursday at 5:15pm there will be a technique class for weightlifting. The purpose if this class is to purely to break down and slow down the skill of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Think of this as practicing a skill. Lead by Laurent.  

Focus of the week – Each week we will be providing a snippet of content to increase your knowledge around all things training, nutrition  mindset, recovery, generally being a better version of yourself. We will be sharing this via the blog (yep MCCF has a blog and it’s actually going to get used!), also we will have a hard copy in the box. 

CrossFit Teens – We will be running CrossFit teens classes age 13-18. We don’t have an exact start date yet but are hoping to kick them off in the next 2 months. This class will incorporate the fundamental elements of CrossFit combined with a small amount of practical life coaching skills. We will keep you posted. These classes will be limited in space, if you have kids that are interested please let me know. 

If you want more information about any of the above topics please chat to our coaches. 

See you at the box,