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Lessons on humility

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Training is a great teacher because it’s like putting your mindset towards life under a microscope. How you deal with challenges in the gym will reflect on how you deal with challenges in the real world. Today I got a great lesson on humility during training.
My workout involved 50 DU’s per round. Usually a movements that I would have no problems doing unbroken for much larger sets, but today I couldn’t string more than 15 together. My initial reaction was to get frustrated because ‘I should be able to do this’, it took me a few rounds to realise having that mindset was putting myself above the movement and not giving myself permission to make mistakes (an inevitable part of training and life). The moment I put a smile on my face and realised this was an opportunity to be humble and accept that little mistakes are a part of progression, my flow came back.
I see this so often in others that are learning knew movements or trying to master a more complex skill, they don’t give them self permission to make a mistake. One of my favourite quotes is so relevant: ‘the master has failed more times than the beginner has tried’. How many snatches will you need to miss before you perfect it? Accepting where you’re at is taking responsibility and puts you in a position of power to take the action that will move you forward.
Remember to be humble in training and in life, allow yourself to make mistakes and you will never be above the task at hand.

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