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Friday Night Lights – June 2nd!

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Friday Night Lights!

What is it? MCCF’s own in house CrossFit competition. SO MUCH FUN!! Whether you want to compete or just see what competition looks like it’s a great social event. If you have been wanting to try a CrossFit comp this is a great place to start, you get the feel of having a judge and an audience but they are all faces you know in the box you are used to training at.
If you are doing Torture in the Tropics this would be a great practice run, 2 weeks before the event. This Friday night Lights is pairs, Male and Female partners. There will be a scaled and an RX devision. If you are interested in doing the comp find a friend who is keen and get your name up on the notice board at the box. I am aware of everybody’s abilities and program accordingly, the purpose of this comp is to have fun, gain experience and confidence competing. If anybody wants to compete but is unsure please chat to me and I can help you make the right decision.
If you have no interest in competing lock the date into your calendar anyway the event is great to watch and we always fire up the BBQ. The comp will kick off at 6pm next Friday June 2nd. We will be running the 4:30pm class only that afternoon.
Hope to see you all there.

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