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MCCF Box Update

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I feel like it’s been a while since I have communicated with everyone about the awesome things that have been happening at the box, recent changes, and our plans for the future.

Coaches Training

I am currently writing this from Sydney where Cathy and I are doing a training course with Julian Pineau, one of the top movement/strongman coaches in the world. We have learned so much to bring back and share. Trav and the rest of the team are holding the fort while we are away, I will not be back in the box until Monday the 10th of April. I will keep this email relatively brief but will be touching base more frequently to keep everyone in the loop by starting up the blog again.

Now the opens are over… What now?

It’s that time of year finishing up with the open where we are coming out of our longest cycle of testing (1 solid test per week for 5 weeks), and moving into an accumulation phase. This is a time to step back from testing and build a big base. Whether your goals are to be competitive or you are training for your health and fitness, the process is the same. This topic is it’s own blog post so I will keep it brief for now.

Now for some new things that are happening and new faces that are joining our MCCF Team.

Introducing our new coach – Ed

Firstly I would like to introduce Ed, who is joining our coaching team. Some of you may have met Ed already while he was doing the open workouts with us, he is an experienced Coach and athlete from CrossFit Schwartz Melbourne. I was lucky enough to spend some time chatting with him over the course of the open and learned that he has very similar values to our box in terms of our training and our community. Ed is jumping right in and coaching as of today Monday 3rd, I am looking forward to co-coaching with Ed when I get back from Sydney to help him get to know you all better as athletes (personal focus, movement limitations, etc). In the mean time if you have any injuries or considerations please let Ed know at the beginning of the class so that he can plan the best session for you.

New team members!

Second thing is that we have some familiar faces joining our team in a different role. Annalese is jumping on board as our admin/Events manager/ Baby cuddler. Rachel Eldred and Annalese are running the creche which is available at our 8:30am class only. For all things to do with your accounts please contact Annalese: 

Barbell club coming!

Lastly, Laurent our resident Oly lifter is joining our team as our weightlifting coach. We will be starting a Barbell club in the next few weeks, again this is it’s own blog post where I will talk more about the purpose of Barbell Club, what’s involved in the program, and who might be interested.

That’s all for now, have an awesome weeks training.


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