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2020! The new year brings a sense of starting fresh, a clean slate, an opportunity to ‘reset’ and finally do all the things we say we’ll do every year. Before we get into it I want to make one thing clear, I’m an optimist/realist, I believe we can achieve great things, that all our goals and ambitions are in our control. We just need the right tools to make them a reality, rather than another year of wishful thinking. Our plan being ‘try hard’ and relying on will power, followed by a gradual and hopeless realisation that it’s just too hard. ‘Next year’ we think (it’s Jan 20th, what the hell!!)

Alright friends enough of the doom and gloom, lets look at why things haven’t worked out in the past and how you can arm yourself for success.

    We need to know the difference between WHAT we want (external outcome) and WHY we want it (internal emotional feeling). We are humans, and we make decisions based on emotion.  It’s never the thing that we actually want, it’s the feeling we getting from achieving that thing. Here’s a common example:
    WHAT – I want to lose 10kg
    WHY – I’ll feel confident and comfortable in my skin, respected by myself and others, in control of my life.
    When you get clear about your why obstacles become details.
    Now that we understand what lights us up inside we need to know how to keep that flame burning. This brings us to our next point.
    There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing what we want, why we want it, taking massive action, and getting nowhere! This feels hopeless. Here is how motivation usually works:
    Discontent ->Action -> Result -> Motivation ->Action -> Result -> Motivation -> etc. Progress is exciting! It’s the fuel that keeps us going.
    The problem is when our action doesn’t yield a result, it looks more like this:
    Discontent ->Action ->Frustration->Action->Hopelessness->Discontent but complacent.
    Let’s assume you have identified your WHY, and found yourself a plan that is actually going to work. The last piece to the puzzle is having someone out in the world who knows your plan, knows your WHAT, and understands your WHY. This person believes in you, and holds you accountable to the daily actions that are the gateway to your future. There will be days that you don’t feel like doing what it takes, that’s normal and that’s why having someone to keep us on track is crucial for success.

Now we no why people fail, lets look at tools to succeed!

  1. KEEP YOUR WHY CLOSE TO YOU (literally) – Write down your outcomes, then write down the specific feeling you will get by achieving this goal. Close your eyes and tap into your emotions, see what your life can be. Write those feelings on a palm card or in notes on your phone and look at them daily! When you’re faced with decision where you may go off track, look at your outcome and your WHY.
    Having someone guide you who has been where you have been, to help you identify blind spots and avoid road blocks will save you time, energy, and keep you on track so that your progress becomes your fuel to continue. Coaches are worth their weight in gold! Call me biased because I am a coach, but I’ll also tell you that I have multiple coaches myself and wouldn’t be where I am without them.
    Setting the bar low is counter intuitive to what most people think, hence why people struggle to achieve their goals and make real change.
    Can we assume that the change we make needs to be sustainable and lasting? There’s no point doing something for six weeks but knowing that in six months we’ll be back where we started. Six months is coming whether we like it or not, let’s use time to our advantage rather than being impatient. What can you absolutely do to move you toward your goal on your worst day? Thats the place to start. Each fortnight add in another daily action that will move you closer to your goal (remember it still needs to be manageable on your worst day). One percent improvement every day for the rest of your life will be better than a seventy percent improvement for the next month. Lasting change is the goal.
  3. GET AN ACCOUNTABILITY BUDDY, A COACH OR WRITE YOUR GOAL DOWN WHERE OTHERS CAN SEE IT – this person needs to know what you are capable of, they need to believe in you and what you are going through. You can team up with someone who has a similar goal and have regular check ins.  Or work one on one with a coach to have a set plan and regular check ins.

Have an amazing and prosperous 2020, and remember the purpose of the goal isn’t what we get but who we become! Happy new year.

*If you’re interested in fitness specific coaching please book a 1 on 1 FREE TRIAL with us, we will chat about your exercise history, goals.